Rocket Baking Oven Construction Manual (PDF, 3.7MB)

This new edition of the rocket baking oven construction manual has been published with the support of the GIZ-HERA for use as a training tool for oven artisans.

From the introduction:

In the developing world, biomass is a major energy source. It is used in all levels of society from house hold use to the commercial sector. The large and growing need for biomass has created problems including deforestation and point of use health concerns. Deforestation has increased the scarcity of biomass and increased its price. Burning wood in traditional methods is ineffective in both heating and combustion. Incomplete combustion leads to health concerns because of the chemicals and particles liberated during the reaction. The method for solving these problems is to create more efficient technology.

This oven is a response to these issues in the area of wood burning ovens. It burns more efficiently and therefore cleaner. Its efficiency reduces the amount of wood used and resulting in lower operating cost. The oven is intended of bakery scale production with two racks measuring 115x69cm.

The purpose of this manual is to guide the producer through the construction process. The manual assumes that an experienced craftsman will be constructing the oven. It is a flexible tool to build bakery scale wood burning rocket bread ovens.

Funding for development of the Institutional Stove Design Tool and part of the original funding for this web site were provided by the Ashden Trust.